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Augmented Reality App Development Company in India

At Bricks and Pixels, We are leading AR VR app development company offers innovative and effective business solutions

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Best AR App Developer to Hire

We are here to help you win among your competitors with cutting-edge technology tools that help businesses to expand their customer base and retain their customers

What We Do

We offer a full cycle of augmented reality app development services

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Create unique customer experience with your Augmented Reality app that blends the best of digital and physical world. Improve your user engagement and differentiate your brand from your competitors with our best Augmented Reality App Development Services

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Bricks and Pixels - Excellence in AR App Development Solutions

We deliver high quality future-ready augmented reality apps with our professional and experienced developers team. Bricks and Pixels offers fully customizable Augmented reality app development solutions. Bricks and Pixels is a team of talented AR developers, who aspire to provide excellent user experiences in the field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solutions.


Customized AR App Development

With it's root to India and a global client base, Bricks and Pixels made it's space as a leading AR VR app development company.

Augmented Reality Integration

Using AR-media plugin, we can simulate AR experiences on desktops like large, powerful, and static devices

Augmented Reality App Design

You have a vision for your app and we have a team to make it real

AR App Testing, Maintenance & Support

We have a specific team of experts for your quick and quality AR support and maintenance

Why Should You Go With Bricks and Pixels AR Development Services?

Augmented Reality makes your app more engaging with adding more features in your app and due to multiple benefits, AR and VR is high in demand. Here are some of the benefits choosing Bricks and Pixels for your AR app idea.


We listen to the needs, and our team will figure out a plan that will be executed after the discussion

Bricks and Pixels provides quality efficient pricings

Our team is constantly working on new trends and technology in the market to ensure that there is no lags in products and services that we offer you

We provide proper consultation and recommendations to increase the efficiency of our AR app.

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Augmented Reality

The development and growth of augmented reality (AR) has gained a lot more momentum in recent times. Such growth became possible due to the acceptance of multiple applications of AR across different industries.

One of the biggest challenges in any app development and not just for AR apps is achieving optimum levels of customization. With augmented reality app development services, the requirement becomes that much more challenging because AR as frontier technology is still a work in progress.

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A Quality App Development Company in India

As in many other areas of technology, India is a hub for the development AR applications for a wide range of uses across multiple industries.

As an leading AR/VR company in India offering a number of AR app solutions that are trending among business users all over the world, Bricks And Pixels is a leading name.

We are headquartered in Noida, U.P., India, which is one of the leading tech hubs of the country. Over the years we have grown into a large team of passionate, talented and experienced techies exploring newer frontiers of AR technology every day.

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We Offer World Class Range of AR Apps

Support and Maintenance Services

AR apps are relatively new as a product in addition to being a tech-intensive solution. It is always preferable that the developer of your AR app also provides the support and maintenance for your app. We will provide such support services whenever you need it.

AR Gaming Apps

Gaming applications have among the highest possibilities of development in AR because it is all about interactive entertainment. The AR games we create have an integration of virtual characters with real world objects and situations in real time, thereby adding immensely to the value of the games.

Customized and Industry-Specific AR Apps

Our talented team of AR app developers have more than enough experience of adapting to multiple industry requirements. We will customize your AR app in relation to your exact requirements and help you offer a unique user experience to your customers.

Projection-based AR Apps

We develop projection-based AR apps by integrating projectors and vision sensors that gradually graphic data over any object or substrate among other work surfaces. Our projection-based AR apps can be very useful in achieving higher quality outcomes in manufacturing industries.

AR Apps for Mobile Devices

The apps that we make are compatible with both iOS and Android, the most popular devices in use today. Since devices have built-in functionalities like GPS, camera and Bluetooth among others, they serve as ready platforms for integration of AR applications.

Location-based AR Apps

Our highly talented team of AR app developers have the ability to build location-based AR apps that can either be marker-less or marker-based. We develop seamless and high quality outcomes on our apps with our deep research and knowledge. With optimum use of real-time positioning and other points of interest we achieve high quality AR outcomes.

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Why Bricks And Pixels?

With that kind of a powerhouse pool of talent, Bricks And Pixels as an AR/VR company, has made a dent in the challenging and promising world of AR. 
From apps for both iOS and Android devices to AR games and from location and projection to industry specific app development, we complete the cycle with support and maintenance of AR apps

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