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Meet Our Experienced Core Team Members

With years of knowledge in developing and maintaining Virtual Reality applications

Ceo/Founder Bricks And Pixels Studio

CEO/Founder/Chief Amazement Officer

Meet Saahil ,a passionate entrepreneur from Jamshedpur, trying to make his place in this ever-growing VR and AR industry. He discovered his love for animation through his interests in gaming, sketching, and anime, and pursued it as a career despite initial challenges.

During his five years of experience as a 3D artist across different industries such as medical animation, gaming, and virtual reality, he observed several pain points in the animation industry in India.

Determined to bring change, he decided to quit his job and started his own company, Bricks and Pixels with the goal to make it one of the prominent names in the field of Virtual Reality Services.

CTO/Full Stack Magician

Akshay Tyagi, a Senior Software Developer at Bricks & Pixels Pvt. Ltd., is a talented coder from Baghpath, Meerut, with a practical approach to life. He has an unwavering passion for coding and has honed his skills to become a proficient developer.

Aside from his coding skills, Akshay also enjoys various leisure activities in his free time. He is an avid movie buff who likes to explore different genres of cinema. Additionally, he loves to travel and explore new places, which allows him to gain new perspectives and experiences. He also enjoys playing games, which helps him unwind after a long day of work.

Akshay's well-rounded approach to life, combining his passion for coding with a range of hobbies and interests, makes him an interesting and dynamic individual. His commitment to his work and his dedication to pursuing his interests set him apart and make him an asset to his workplace and community.

Bricks and Pixels - CTO
Bricks and Pixels - COO

COO/Captain of Multitasking

Greetings from Bricks & Pixels' unsung hero, Kaushambi Shanker! Kaushambi, the head of operations, is responsible for the company's efficient and effective operation. He's got it all under control, from overseeing all the background details to making sure everything works smoothly.

Kaushambi is a man with numerous hobbies, but he is usually engaged keeping the operations of Bricks & Pixels running well. He is constantly looking for new experiences and knowledge because he enjoys reading articles and travelling. The Bricks & Pixels team will undoubtedly continue to benefit from his natural organisational skills and attention to detail for many years to come. He is the ideal blend of wits and muscle thanks to his observer attitude and skill for operations.

Art Director/Art Prophet

Born in India's ancient city of Agra, Gaurav Singh is a major figure in the fields of art and design. He is in charge of directing the design efforts for Bricks and Pixels Pvt. Ltd. and making sure that every project adheres to the highest standards of quality and creativity.

Gaurav is renowned for his tenacious work ethic and his enthusiasm for exploring cutting-edge technology in the field of augmented and virtual reality. He is constantly looking for new methods to advance the technological envelope, and his commitment to creativity has given him a well-deserved reputation as a thought leader in his area.

On his trusted motorcycle, Gaurav can indulge his love of adventure and the wide road when he's not busy revolutionizing the worlds of art and design. But even in his spare time, Gaurav is always willing to assist his staff and colleagues in achieving their own artistic and professional objectives, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with those around him to foster their professional growth.

Bricks and Pixels - Art Director
Bricks and Pixels - Lead Artist

Lead Artist/ Workflow Guru

A talented 3D artist, Balwant Singh is from the scenic Indian city of Nainital in Uttarakhand. He has three years of experience and is well-known for his ability to lead teams and ensure high-quality results. With the aim of studying Unreal Engine, a potent game production platform, Balwant started working for his current company. Since then, he has developed his expertise in the programme.

Balwant's tendency to be overly emotional, which indicates that he is really passionate about his job and that he frequently pours a lot of heart into his efforts, is an intriguing characteristic of his personality.

He is renowned for his rigorous attention to detail, yet this devotion also translates into a strong desire to do things correctly. Because of his commitment to this concept, Balwant has developed a solid reputation as a dependable and capable team player. Balwant strongly believes in the significance of performing tasks in an effective and efficient manner.

Senior Artist/ Dr Fix

Prepare to be amazed because Rakhi has arrived! This Senior 3D Artist, who is from the charming Himachal Pradesh town of Kangra, is a formidable force. She is the go-to person for all things 3D at Bricks & Pixels, handling projects from beginning to end with ease. Also, Rakhi is constantly searching for her next adventure while she's not busy making digital fantasies come true.

Rakhi is constantly seeking out novel and interesting experiences because she adores anime and has a strong desire to travel. Don't be misled by her travelling, though; she's also committed to developing her Unreal career, which is what initially attracted her to Bricks & Pixels.

Could you sum up Rakhi in one word? Curious. She never stops exploring the limits of what is possible, searching out new knowledge, and asking questions. She will undoubtedly continue to make waves in the 3D realm for years to come given her inquisitive personality and skill.

Bricks and Pixels - Senior Artist
Bricks and Pixels - Senior Artist

Senior Artist/ Chief Obedience Agent

Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen, because we have a true all-arounder on our hands! Meet Visakhapatnam-based Senior 3D Artist Rahul Manikonda Rajaji, who is dominating Bricks & Pixels.

Rahul joined this startup with the intention of learning, developing, and assisting in the advancement of the business. He has, boy, has he! Rakesh is a jack of all trades and a master of all, from modelling and designing to hanging out with pals and binge-watching the newest shows.

Rahul is your best option if you're seeking for someone who can give it their all in all facets of life. We are fortunate to have this Senior 3D Artist on our team because he is the real deal.

Senior Artist/ Dream Alchemist

Get up close and get to know Mohd Furquan, the young 3D artist sweeping Bricks & Pixels! This great artist, who is from Delhi, is showcasing his skills and introducing his artistic flair to the organisation.

Mohamed is a fierce gamer, though, so when he's not creating beautiful 3D creations, he can be found playing. He's always up for a challenge, whether it's playing the newest games or taking on his coworkers in a game.

And if you think that's impressive, wait until you learn why he initially joined Bricks & Pixels. Mohamed was anxious to join the team and demonstrate his abilities because he loves to learn new things and is very creative. And he very certainly is doing just that with initiatives like Touchcast!

You should thus go no further than Mohd Furquan if you're seeking for a Junior 3D Artist who has the talent and motivation to achieve. He is the total package, and he is prepared to take on the 3D art and competitive gaming worlds.

Bricks and Pixels - Senior Artist
Bricks and Pixels - Artist

Artist/ Ambassador of Buzz

Meet Shubham, a young 3D artist from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, who possesses more brilliance in one finger than the majority of individuals do in their entire body. He is passionate about anything Unreal and possesses talents to last a lifetime. He has been creating a stir at Bricks & Pixels with his incredible modelling skills and has swiftly emerged as the expert on all things VR.

But for Shubham, it's not just about the work, no. Even the largest gearhead would drool at his love of constructing cars and bikes. He devotes his entire being to building the most incredible virtual rides you've ever seen when it comes to the Touchcast project. Thus, give Shubham a call if you need something modelled, created, or just want to chat about all things Unreal. He is the Junior 3D artist who works the hardest in the game.


Artist/ Chief Ninja

Get prepared to be astounded by Anubhaw's many facets! This young 3D artist from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, has joined Bricks & Pixels to gain knowledge about Unreal Engine and realise his original creative idea. And we can assure you that he is making the most of his stay.

Anubhaw enjoys exploring the skies and learning about astronomy when he's not perfecting his 3D art and video editing abilities. Also, he is a podcasting powerhouse with not one, but two channels available on Spotify that are sure to keep you entertained.

Therefore don't look any further than Anubhaw if you're searching for someone who can bring their passion, creativity, and varied interests to the table. The junior 3D artist that everyone is chatting about is him.

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