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Become a part of our Team and get a chance to work in the ever growing field of VR and AR. One of the most fast growing industry in the recent times. Get a opportunity to work in one of the fastest growing Industry of the 21st centaury.

We’re a small group of like-minded  developers and designers who are curious, passionate, and live to challenge convention through our handwork and passion towards the industry. We are people who can see around corners and connect the dots in unexpected ways to break down the barriers of space, time and language.

Our principles of working..

Always Learning

We are in a constant state of child-like wonder and vulnerability. We learn and explore new things to push our limits to turn the impossible to possible

Don't be afraid to make mistakes !!

We move with great speed, force and enthusiasm to achieve greatness in our work and purpose. It is better to move fast and make mistakes than move slow and miss opportunities

Different People One Team

We work hand-in-hand through cultural, time, and ethnic barriers and yet we esteem and trust each other every day to achieve asynchronous harmony.

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