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Voices from Across Continents: Client Testimonials from Our Global Clientele

Explore the voices that echo the success of Bricks and Pixels Pvt Ltd through our Client Testimonials page. Our satisfied clients are the true testament to our commitment and excellence in delivering exceptional AR and VR solutions for real estate. As you immerse yourself in the stories shared by our clients, you'll witness the transformative power of our innovations. Join the chorus of positive experiences on our page, where authenticity and client satisfaction converge. Discover why our Client Testimonials is a testament to our dedication and the tangible impact our AR and VR solutions have had on real estate experiences.


Roren Leif Stowell
COO at Proptexx, USA

" In the past few years, we have collaborated with Bricks & Pixels on several projects and have been greatly impressed by their professionalism and their ability to meet our requirements. Most importantly, they have established a strong relationship with our company. Bricks & Pixels consistently impresses us with their high quality and their ability to meet our demanding needs. We have worked on complex projects together, and they seamlessly integrate into the team. They quickly understood our objectives, took immediate action, and the experience of working with Bricks & Pixels has been truly exceptional over the years. "


Edo Segal
CEO at TouchCast, USA

" Incredible talent. Attention to detail. Willingness to go the extra mile for a perfect result. Highly recommenced, AGAIN! "

"Incredible work. Very impressive creative decisions. Fast delivery. Could not be happier. Highly recommended."


Alvaro Peon
CEO at Backdrop, Mexico

"Great team, great products. Bricks & Pixels deliver optimal quality and meet the deadlines set before any project starts! We've had a business relationship for more than two years and have finished several products! "

Nico_ bnp_Client

Nico Obrillic
CEO at Eyecandy GMBH, Austria

"Bricks and Pixels Team is awesome! They communicate super fast and clear. As a customer I really felt that they understood my needs and delivered awesomely! Recommend to anyone and will definitely buy again!"


Mohammad Awni Barqawi
Content Director at Three Sixty Visuals,  Doha, Qatar

BricksAndPixels are an amazing company, they understand the assignment perfectly and they always deliver on time! I’ve been working with them since 2019 and they helped me lots with everything related to VR and architecture.

Johan Folke

Johan Folke
Technical Operations Manager at Twenty Studio, Sweden

"Above and beyond all expectations! Great communication. They took all my suggestions into account and implemented them tastefully. Highly recommended!"

Shukray Radzi

Shukry Radzi
CEO at Gini Technologies, Malaysia

"We had a unique project with tight deadlines, and Bricks & Pixels worked really well for us. There are a few things that we really appreciated:
1.The quality of the 3D objects was photorealistic and amazing.
2.We had multiple revisions, and the team worked on them really quickly.
3.We needed 3D characters in our project, and they made the shading and lighting perfect. The project finished on time, and we would like to give kudos to Bricks & Pixels for working diligently."

Nikhil Raghav

Nikil Ragav
Founder CEO at Invent XYZ, USA

"Bricks & Pixels - truly awesome! They have designed and modeled everything to proper measurements with tons of detail. The lighting is beautiful. They were able to implement my changes without any issues and usually quite quickly. I gave them the floorplans and material references, and things looked almost exactly as specified. We will definitely work with them again!"

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