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"How Car Configurators Are Transforming Automotive Sales and Presentation"

Updated: May 22

Car Configurator

If you are a car enthusiast or just someone fascinated by the digital realm of real-life objects, you must have heard about the super interesting online tool: the Car Configurator.

Very simply put, car configurators are like the digital playgrounds for car enthusiasts that allows users to customize and visualize their ideal car by selecting different options such as colors, features, and accessories.

Basically, it is a space where your automotive fantasies get a digital makeover! But how did these car configurators come into being and what impact do they have on the automotive industry today?

In this blog, we reveal to you everything you need to know about car configurators and how significantly they can impact automotive presentation as well as overall sales. Read on! 

What is Car Configurator

Picture that you are handed the keys to a virtual showroom where you become the designer-in-chief. With just a few, convenient clicks, you can pick the color that screams 'you,' choose the wheels that give your ride that extra oomph, and deck out the interior in a way that feels like home on wheels.

Car Configurator

It can be labelled as a DIY project for your dream car, all happening from the comfort of your screen. This is what a car configurator is primarily about and its existence becomes even more relevant in today’s time since it adds a personal touch to your car. 

Adding personal touches to our own assets, be it our home or our car, not only beautifies it but more importantly, it adds value to it. So, using a car configurator means almost having your own digital design studio for cars – it is not just about picking features, it's about curating your ride with a dash of personal flair. 

Advantages of Car Configurator

A Car Configurator helps customers and businesses alike. Here’s how it benefits the customers: 

  • Personalization and Growth- Car configurators allow customers to tailor their vehicles to match their unique preferences, especially in an era where individuality is celebrated. 

  • Streamlined Decision-Making: With a multitude of options at their fingertips, consumers can efficiently explore various configurations. This helps them make more informed decisions about the features and aesthetics that best suit their needs and style.

  • Virtual Showroom Experience: Particularly relevant in the age of digital shopping, car configurators provide a virtual showroom experience; they let customers explore and visualize their customized vehicles without the need for physical visits to dealerships.

Car configurators have a lot to offer to businesses today and below are mentioned some of the many benefits that this exciting tool provides and how it impacts sales of a company: 

Enhanced Product Presentation

Car Configurator

Elevating user engagement stands as a primary objective for the majority of businesses involved in products and services.

When a visible excitement surrounds a product or service, it marks a considerable achievement. The car configurator software adds a playful element which appeals to our artistic inclinations and prompts exploration of numerous unique combinations to discover the most aesthetically pleasing and functional option.

This level of engagement surpasses the impact of merely viewing photos and reading text descriptions. 

Improved Conversion Rates

Perhaps beyond the enjoyment derived from experimenting with various design and performance customizations, a customization tool such as this holds practical significance in aiding users in making informed purchase decisions.

Offering diverse perspectives of the vehicle and detailed information on available upgrades, variations, and colors, car configurators empower users to enter an auto showroom with a clear idea or even make an online purchase.

This interactive and informative experience addresses the common issue of inadequate information and previews, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful sales.

Competitive Edge

In industries marked by fierce competition, even a slight advantage can significantly influence the acquisition of a larger market share. Providing a valuable tool like a configurator can sway customers towards choosing a particular company.

Even if competitors offer a similar solution on their websites, a business can set itself apart by delivering superior visualization, more interactive features, and other characteristics that make their configurator stand out.

Utilizing Extracted Data for Operational Boost 

The implementation of this virtual customization tool holds the potential to yield valuable insights into customer preferences and desires. Every decision made by customers through the interface is recorded and can be analysed later.

Simultaneously, the compilation of data from a multitude of customers enables the identification of best-selling models, popular parts and services, as well as those that fail to capture interest. This data, when combined with feedback and requests, becomes a pivotal factor in shaping marketing and production decisions.

Streamlining Sales Department Operations

Incorporating such virtual tools can streamline the workload of sales departments for companies. For instance, the sales team can guide customers to experiment with different product versions rather than relying solely on sharing photos, text, and lengthy descriptions.

While they should remain available to provide these resources upon request, the overall volume of inquiries and appeals directed to them is likely to decrease.

Bricks and Pixels Car Configurator 

To get a visual sneak-peek into the domain of car configurator, check out this brilliant car configurator exclusively by Bricks and Pixels in the link below:

With unique features including a material palette with various shades, plug-in charge, and opening and closing car doors, the Bricks and Pixels car configurator is an ideal tool for all your virtual needs as a business. 

In conclusion, car configurators shape the manner in which we engage with vehicles as they offer immersive experiences and empower users to tailor their dream cars. These interactive tools benefit businesses by increasing user engagement, improving conversion rates, and providing valuable insights into consumer preferences. As technology continues to advance, car configurators are set to play an increasingly significant role in the automotive industry, boosting the customer journey and shaping the future of car buying.


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