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An Insight Into Our Latest Work

We specialize in developing customized virtual reality tours for businesses. Your floor
plans are converted by our team of professionals into completely immersive 3D VR tours that
provide your customers with a realistic and engaging experience. These custom VR tours give
clients the power to customize the tour to their preferences, allowing them to make informed

Dive into the world that we have curated using the best of AR-VR technology. Explore the
following videos-

Bricks And Pixels Club House

Here’s our ClubHouse Sample which shows the Real Time Dynamic Lighting feature that
customizes the colours of the lights, letting the users switch times of the day. Pretty cool, right?

Arch Viz Explorer

Explore the amenities, homes and even the complete locality with just a swipe! No angles are left
unnoticed through our ArchViz explorer. To walk around and experience our sample, just
download our windows pc sample exe and get on a virtual expedition.

Download our windows pc sample exe, and walk around and experience our sample yourself

Beach House

Built with our dynamic lighting option, here's a look at our Interior Beach House Sample where
serendipity meets automation.

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