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Benefits of Using virtual reality for real estate marketing - A Case Study

Updated: Feb 22

How VR change the world - Benefits of Virtual Reality in real estate marketing

 Why choose virtual reality for real estate marketing?

One of the most important aspects of real estate marketing is showing multiple property options to prospective buyers in order to help them make optimum purchase decisions. Today, virtual reality for real estate marketing is redefining the process by offering prospective customers very convenient and effective options.

They would like to look up the maximum number of options before making any purchase decision. This involves a lot of time, effort and money as the properties on your list are spread across different locations far apart from each other.

These days, most people cannot afford so much time to visit multiple properties located far apart. That's why use of virtual reality in real estate marketing has become such an important tool for optimizing marketing and sales of real estate today.

Benefits of Vr with architectural visualization for staging

A person scanning a house map for a 3d view on the tablet.
Use of An Augmented Reality in Architecture

When you use virtual reality for real estate marketing, the scope of virtual staging of the interiors in the available space inside the house or commercial structure increases significantly.

The buyer might like to see the arrangement of furniture in his/her own way and might stop short of making a purchase decision just because of that.

It allows the buyer to check out multiple arrangements of furniture inside the house. Alternatively, if it is a commercial space, the buyer can try out different arrangements that are relevant to his/her business.

This kind of architectural visualization of the property interior can be accessed from just about any location with virtual reality in real estate marketing. This gives the buyer a perspective of the space available to him/her inside the property.

That allows you to show multiple properties to multiple buyers simultaneously and close more sales in a smaller timeframe that you would never have thought possible earlier.

Easier interaction between house owner and tenant

Tenants usually have numerous questions about the house they want to rent and with virtual reality for real estate marketing this process becomes easier.

Using VR headsets, house owners can easily communicate with their tenants. Usually both sides try to clarify several doubts that they have. Both house owners and tenants can avoid time-consuming and unnecessary property visits by opting for virtual tours of the property.

Such virtual reality for real estate allow tenants to see firsthand what the utilities and facilities look like and how they work in the property.

VR simplifies scope of commercial transactions

Most realtors will agree that it’s very difficult to sell property where construction work hasn’t begun. The cost that these realtors bear for selling such property affects their profitability. Many realtors use 3D models to present the interiors of their projects that are yet to take shape while others create expensive real life models of the project.

Now, with  virtual reality for real estate marketing it is much easier to provide a buyer almost all the information that she/he could possibly want.

VR rendering is not confined to just the interiors but also covers the exterior of the properties and gives the buyer an almost real life representation of the property after completion of construction work.

The opportunities offered by Web3 technologies are exciting

A boy using Web3
The exponential growth of Web3

Today Web3 technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse are changing web applications like never before.

Speaking of Metaverse, it is said to be a vision of how the internet will evolve in the near future. It will offer a single, shared, immersive and persistent 3D virtual space for users. Web3 is based on the principle of decentralized blockchain tech and it is verifiable, trustworthy and self-governing with a secure built-in payment system.

Use of virtual reality in real estate marketing is one such function of Web3 technologies that will change the way realtors operate.

Save time with VR in real estate marketing

Time is money for those who understand its value. Sellers who use virtual reality in real estate marketing save a lot of their precious time in their interactions with buyers.

For instance, a buyer investing in a house or commercial property that is yet to be constructed, will get an almost real life rendering of the house s/he is investing in.

Additionally, s/he can also see the real life customization of the house including the walls, flooring, kitchen plan, furniture layout, washrooms, porch and everything else inside the house. If the buyer wants to try out changes to the design, it would take only a minute or two to see the new design depending on the changes s/he wants to see.

Buy and sell property globally with VR

Sale and purchase of property across continents is nothing new but with virtual reality in real estate marketing it has become simpler and faster. It no longer involves an enormous amount of time, effort and money for both buyers and sellers to transact business.

The use of VR in the sale of property at your disposal means there would be lesser time spent in taking the customer around showing different properties. Present a VR rendition of your properties to the customer online right from your laptop and let him/her shortlist the one that fits into his/her priorities perfectly.

Thereafter, plan a visit to the property by the buyer to close the deal whenever it is suitable. Of course, s/he should also meet the other conditions for buying the property.

Buyers get the chance to visualize the property

It's a lot easier for buyers to select a property remotely with virtual reality in real estate. They get the virtual reality look and feel of the home they have selected and that enables them to make an easy purchase decision.

VR allows them to visualize themselves inside the house and takes them closest to a real visit to the property.

Such VR home tour functionalities allow the customers to literally walk through the property where they visualize their interior layout and even change it if they want to see a different layout.

This helps the customers make an informed purchase decision, which is what every seller hopes for.

Wrapping Up

Virtual Reality is very beneficial for Real Estate business, If you are have a vision for your VR real Estate project and looking to hire an experienced team of VR app developers, We have got your back. Visit to know more about us and send us your requirements. One of our executive will keep in touch with you as soon as possible.

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