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Give Life To Your Architectural Aspirations With Us!

Welcome to Bricks and Pixels, the nexus of real estate and cutting-edge technology. We
offer extensive and realistic VR walkthroughs of properties to real estate brokers and
developers which allow them to make informed decisions. We invite you to travel with us to
the future of property viewing, as bricks and pixels come together to create an extraordinary
experience, where our technology is revolutionizing how customers experience real estate. The
last two years have seen real estate touch the sky. Come, let us help you reach there.

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We aim to provide our customers with tailored, seamless, and immersive Virtual Reality and
Augmented Reality experiences that enable them to make informed decisions regarding their
property search.


1. We are a small team of passionate and inquisitive developers and designers. Currently 15+
and growing members, we defy ordinary industry norms and go above and beyond for our
2. With more than 212 successful projects under our belt, we use a vast library of assets and
plugins to create highly optimized projects with emotional appeal and customization for potential
buyers and clients.
3. Since our establishment in 2019, our team has always been able to transcend the boundaries of
space, time, and language, thereby making unexpectedly outstanding connections.

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Bricks and Pixels offers an innovative approach to experience real estate projects. Our Windows
PC-based application, paired with a gaming laptop and VR headset, teleports you to a fully
immersive digital replica. This allows you to visualize and make informed decisions, bringing

your ideas to life in a way traditional methods cannot.


We prioritize accessibility for virtual reality technology at Bricks and Pixels. Our VR
applications are optimized for mobile phones, allowing you to experience your real estate
projects wherever you are. Our customizable mobile VR solution lets you tailor it to your
specific preferences and requirements. Take virtual tours or create virtual models of your projects
with ease. Our mobile VR solution is perfect for on-the-go professionals, whether you're at a job
site, client meeting, or simply traveling.


For your real estate projects, Bricks and Pixels uses augmented reality to make them come to life
in the actual world. With just your smartphone, our AR technology lets you drop virtual models
into your environment, providing perspective and facilitating wise judgments. Our flexible AR
technology is convenient for professionals, allowing them to see the size, layout, and finished
product of a development. Collaboration is also made easier, and clients gain a better
understanding of the project. For architects, developers, and builders wishing to present their
work in a distinctive and interesting way, our AR technology is ideal.


Bricks and Pixels provides 360-degree panoramic tours as an interactive alternative to traditional
virtual reality tours. Our high-resolution images are stitched together seamlessly to create a
realistic experience that can be easily integrated into your website. Customers can explore the
property from different angles and zoom in on specific features. This solution is ideal for real
estate professionals looking to showcase their properties in an engaging way and make it easy for
customers to envision their future homes.

HOW TO GET STARTED? — in just 4 easy steps!


Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and requirements with us.


Pay a minimal advance, and we'll create a custom VR or AR application based on your


Based on milestones, pay in easy installments, provided we meet your expectations.

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Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Skyline New York

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Seaside Coastal Retreat

Bricks And Pixels
Seaside Coastal Retreat
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Seaside Coastal Retreat

Seaside Coastal Retreat

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Getting into the Game World

Getting into the Game World

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Unleashing Next-gen Realism in Unreal Engine with Cutting-Edge Features | #ue5 #userexperience

Unleashing Next-gen Realism in Unreal Engine with Cutting-Edge Features | #ue5 #userexperience

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"Immerse in the World of 3D Animation: Explore 360° Renders, VR & AR Applications"

"Immerse in the World of 3D Animation: Explore 360° Renders, VR & AR Applications"

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