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Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2023

Updated: Feb 23

Moving into 2023, we are experiencing a major evolution in the real estate market. It is

important for buyers, sellers, and investors to keep an eye on the real estate trends that will be

shaping the market since these developments will not only impact the industry as a whole, but

they will also affect individual buyers and sellers on a personal level.

In this blog, let’s explore some of the top real estate trends to watch in the current year!

● Urban to Suburban Migration Will Continue

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a trend of urban residents moving to the suburbs (also referred

to as 'Zoom Towns') in search of more space and less density. This trend is expected to continue

into 2023, as remote work and flexible schedules become the norm for many workers.

Suburban Migration

● Sustainability Will Become a Priority

As the effects of climate change become more evident, homebuyers and builders alike will

prioritize sustainability in their real estate decisions. This could mean a rise in eco-friendly

construction and a push for energy-efficient upgrades in existing homes.

Solar Panels being deployed on a mass scale
Solar Panels being deployed on a mass scale

● Technology Will Play a Larger Role

One of the biggest Real estate trends to watch in 2023 is the continued integration of technology into the real estate industry. From virtual property tours to digital transactions, technology will make the buying and selling process more efficient and accessible for everyone involved.

Work from home
Work from home

● Affordability Will Remain a Challenge

As housing prices continue to rise, affordability will remain a challenge for many homebuyers.

This will be especially true for first-time buyers who are trying to enter the market. In 2023, we

can expect to see more buyers turning to alternative financing options, such as co-buying or

shared ownership, to make homeownership more affordable.

People using Kiosk
People using Kiosk

● Aging-in-Place Modifications Will Gain Traction

As the population continues to age, more homeowners will opt to make modifications to their

homes to allow them to age in place. This could include adding wheelchair ramps, installing grab

bars, and other features that make the home safer and more accessible.

Year 2023, in conclusion, promises to be an exciting year for the real estate industry. From

technological advancements to sustainable building practices, these trends will shape the way we

buy, sell, and live in our homes. Thus, in order to take full advantage of the opportunities these

developments bring, it's crucial to stay informed and adapt to them.

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