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How Bricks & Pixels Revolutionized Real Estate Marketing: A Case Study of Prestigious Company in Canada

Updated: Jul 7

Client Introduction

For the past three years, they has been a trusted partner, consistently exceeding expectations with its innovative approach to real estate development marketing.

Their team boasts diverse skills, encompassing 3D rendering, real estate media production, graphic design, marketing, and advertising. But the true strength lies in how they seamlessly blend these talents.

They unites engineers, media specialists, and award-winning content creators under a single mission: to craft the ultimate in residential development marketing solutions.

They begin with your design drawings, and their rendering team constructs breathtaking 3D models that become the foundation for stunning renderings, virtual tours, lifestyle videos, and interactive sales tools.

Utilizing advanced software, their specialists create hyper-realistic environments with rich textures, transporting potential buyers into a truly immersive residential marketing experience.

But this goes beyond static visuals. They understand the power of animation to evoke emotions and connect with buyers on a deeper level. Their architectural visualizations come alive with captivating animations, showcasing the lifestyle your development offers in a way that static images simply can't.

This powerful combination of hyper-realistic renderings and captivating animation helps you reach more buyers and ultimately sell your developments faster.

Client's review

Problem Statement

Challenges of Traditional Industry Methods:

  • Limited Visualization: Flat 2D plans often struggle to convey the true scale, flow, and atmosphere of a space. Clients may have difficulty understanding the final product, leading to costly changes later.

  • Material Misinterpretation: Swatches seen in isolation can look different in the final design. Clients may struggle to visualize how materials will work together, potentially leading to disappointment.

  • Site Visit Inefficiencies: Visiting construction sites can be inconvenient and time-consuming, especially for busy clients. It can also be difficult to visualize the finished product amidst ongoing construction.

  • Communication Gaps: Interpreting 2D plans can be challenging for non-technical clients. Architects spend valuable time explaining details that could be easily understood in a 3D environment, leading to frustration and potential misunderstandings.

Our Solution

  • Immersive Experience: 3D modeling allows us to create interactive VR experiences that transport clients directly into their future space. They can explore layouts, furniture placement, and finishes in stunning detail, fostering a deeper understanding of the design.

  • Material Confidence: High-fidelity textures and lighting accurately represent materials in the virtual environment. Clients can confidently choose materials, knowing exactly how they will look in the final design.

  • Virtual Site Visits: VR eliminates the need for inconvenient site visits. Clients can virtually tour the space at any stage of construction, from the initial layout to the final touches. This saves time and allows for better project management.

  • Enhanced Communication: VR allows architects to present their vision in a way that's easily understandable by clients, minimizing the need for lengthy explanations and technical jargon. This fosters better communication, reduces frustration, and ensures everyone is on the same page from the outset.

Products Delivered 

VR Tours

To elevate residential marketing, a groundbreaking VR tour experience was crafted in collaboration with VESTA Rendering. Utilizing Unreal Engine, static 2D house plans were transformed into an interactive 3D environment.

From Blueprint to Breathtaking 3D: The journey begins with meticulous attention to detail. We meticulously translate basic CAD drawings into detailed 3D models using software like Blender. This isn't a simple conversion – it's an art form. We match CAD dimensions with high precision, extruding each wall and window to ensure perfect digital replicas.

This innovative product enables users to explore the virtual house and customize various elements, such as wall colors and flooring textures, to visualize their ideal space.

Not stopping at personalization, users can save and download their chosen materials for different aspects of the house, including pricing and supplier information. This feature empowers potential buyers to engage deeply in the design process, strengthening their emotional connection and expediting decision-making.

Beyond its visual appeal, the VR experience incorporates interactive features that allow users to engage actively with the virtual environment, from experimenting with wall colors to exploring a 360° panoramic view of the exterior.

This heightened level of engagement enables potential buyers to immersive themselves in the property, envisioning their future within the space. By introducing this innovative VR tool, VESTA Rendering can provide clients with a distinctive and captivating marketing asset, ultimately boosting sales.


  • Increased interest from potential buyers: Interactive exploration with 360° views and customization features can grab attention and generate excitement for the property.

  • Enhanced engagement and emotional connection: Potential buyers can personalize the space and envision themselves living there, leading to a stronger emotional connection.

  • Improved decision-making: Users can save and download design selections with material information, expediting the decision-making process

  • Time-saving and resource-efficient: Virtual tours allow remote exploration, reducing the need for physical visits and saving time for both buyers and agents.

Community Explorer

groundbreaking ArchViz Exterior Tour service for Vesta Rendering! This innovative solution transforms how you showcase housing communities, offering potential buyers an immersive and informative online experience.

The ArchViz Exterior Tour provides an interactive 3D environment where buyers can virtually explore the exteriors of your housing community. They can examine each unit from various angles and easily identify available units.

Our system differentiates between sold and unsold properties, streamlining their search. Additionally, buyers can set their budget range through a user-friendly interface, automatically filtering available units that fit their affordability.

To further enhance the experience, we incorporate a property locator within the tour. This allows buyers to access the location of each unit and explore nearby amenities like schools, parks, malls, and colleges, empowering them to make informed decisions.


  • Attract and qualify buyers more effectively through a captivating and informative online experience.

  • Reduce unnecessary site visits by allowing buyers to explore virtually.

  • Empower buyers with control and information, fostering a more positive experience.

  • Gain a globally accessible marketing tool that's available 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

This innovative service promises to revolutionize the way Vesta Rendering showcases housing communities. Contact us today to discuss a customized solution!

Pixel Streaming

Imagine if your clients could personalize their dream projects directly from their web browser, no special software needed. Our innovative Pixel Streaming Configurator makes this a reality, transforming the way architects and builders engage their audience.

 VESTA Rendering saw a significant improvement in client reach and engagement after implementing our configurator.

Boost Client Engagement & Conversions:

  • Login Page: Secure access for authorized users.

  • Web-Based Compatibility: Works seamlessly across devices and browsers, eliminating download barriers.

  • Saved Configurations: Clients revisit saved designs, images, and videos for future reference.

  • Interactive Design Exploration: Navigate a virtual representation of the space, making real-time customizations.

  • Instant Visualization: See design choices come to life within their browser, fostering a deeper connection with the project.

  • Detailed Material Lists: Access pricing and supplier information, empowering informed decision-making.

  • Admin Portal: Manage user access, track project progress, and gain valuable insights.

  • User Behavior Analytics: Understand how clients interact with the configurator to tailor your approach and optimize the overall experience.

  • Appointment Booking Portal: Integrate a scheduling system for live-streamed consultations directly within the platform.

A Competitive Advantage for Architects & Builders:

Pixel Streaming technology positions your firm at the forefront of architectural visualization. Offer clients unmatched control over their designs, setting you apart from the competition and propelling conversions.

Our Pixel Streaming Configurator can transform the way you engage clients. Schedule a free demo today and discover how it can elevate your business.

360 degree view

Challenges & Solutions:

At Bricks and Pixels, we're passionate about creating seamless and immersive VR home tours for our clients, like Vesta Rendering. While the result is a stunning virtual experience, the journey from 2D plans to a polished VR tour isn't without its hurdles. Here are some of the key challenges we faced, and how we overcame them:

  • Translation Woes: From CAD to 3D Magic: Accurately translating architectural plans (usually in CAD format) into detailed 3D models in Blender presents the first hurdle. These plans might lack crucial details like textures or specific dimensions.

Solution: We maintain close communication with Vesta to clarify any ambiguities in the plans. Our skilled modelers meticulously recreate the house geometry, consulting reference photos or textures whenever needed to bridge the information gap.

  • Balancing Beauty and Efficiency: Crafting stunningly detailed 3D models in Blender is tempting, but for VR, optimization is key. Highly detailed models can cause lag or stuttering in VR headsets.

Solution: We employ a two-pronged approach. First, we model with optimization in mind, using techniques like limited polygons and smart UV unwrapping. Second, we strategically utilize high-resolution textures for close-up views while maintaining lower resolutions for distant objects.

  • Texturing Triumphs and Tribulations: Textures breathe life into the 3D world, but finding or creating high-quality textures can be time-consuming. Additionally, inconsistencies in texture scale or repetition can break immersion in VR.

Solution: We leverage a library of high-quality, commercially licensed textures. For unique elements, our team creates custom textures, ensuring a cohesive look. We meticulously scale and place textures to avoid repetitive patterns that look unnatural in VR.

  • Lighting the Stage: Unreal Engine and the Art of VR Illumination: Lighting is crucial for setting the mood and guiding the user's experience in VR. However, incorrect lighting setups can cause performance issues or create an unrealistic feel.

Solution: Our Unreal Engine specialists have mastered the art of VR lighting. We use a combination of techniques like light baking and real-time lights to achieve a natural and immersive environment. We perform rigorous testing to ensure lighting fidelity without compromising performance.

  • VR-Ready? The Final Frontier:  Importing the optimized 3D model and environment from Blender into Unreal Engine for VR requires meticulous attention to detail. Meshes need to be adjusted for VR interaction, and potential collisions need to be addressed.

Solution: We have a streamlined workflow for importing assets into Unreal Engine. Our team meticulously checks for any compatibility issues and ensures the environment is optimized for VR interaction and navigation. This includes setting up proper collision meshes to prevent users from walking through walls!

By overcoming these challenges, we deliver exceptional VR home tours for Vesta and all our clients. Our commitment to detail, optimization, and collaboration ensures a smooth and captivating VR experience that showcases Vesta's properties in the best light.

Client Investment in VR Experience Centers

Gif og VR experience

The client's investment in VR experience centers has been a transformative move, addressing the challenges inherent in traditional methods and significantly enhancing client satisfaction and project efficiency. By leveraging VR technology, the customers are able to:

  • Understand the Product Better: Immersive VR experiences provide a comprehensive view of the design, enabling clients to grasp the intricacies of their projects without relying solely on 2D plans.

  • Make Informed Decisions: With a clear visualization of space and materials, clients can make decisions with confidence, reducing the risk of changes during or after construction.

  • Save Time and Resources: Virtual site visits and enhanced communication streamline the project process, saving time and reducing the need for physical presence at the construction site.

Overall, the integration of VR into the design and construction process has bridged the gap between architectural vision and client understanding, ensuring projects are completed to the highest standards of satisfaction and efficiency.


At Bricks & Pixels, we take pride in partnering with industry leaders like Vesta Rendering to revolutionize the way properties are showcased. We don't just create VR tours, we craft complete digital showcases with our high-resolution 360° floor-plan navigation system.

Delivering exceptional VR tours and high-resolution experiences, accommodating the unique needs of customer demands.

Our team of skilled professionals is adept at overcoming VR and 360° rendering challenges. From meticulously optimizing 3D models for VR to strategically capturing viewpoints for seamless 360° navigation, we ensure exceptional quality without compromising efficiency.

The Bricks & Pixels Difference: 

  • Dynamic Workflows: We understand Vesta's needs and tailor our process to deliver VR tours and 360° experiences that perfectly complement their high standards.

  • Unmatched Quality: Our skilled professionals deliver exceptional visuals that showcase Vesta's properties in their finest light, highlighting every detail that matters to potential buyers.

  • Challenge Conquerors: We anticipate and overcome challenges unique to VR and 360° rendering, ensuring efficient production and timely delivery to meet deadlines in a timely fashion.

The Outcome: A powerful suite of marketing tools that captivate potential buyers and accelerate sales for Vesta Rendering.

Ready to elevate your property marketing ? Contact us today to discuss how our VR tours and high-resolution 360° renders can help you showcase your properties and impress potential buyers.


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