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3D Round Ridges

Case Study: Transforming Entertainment at Punfun, North India's Largest Water Park

Updated: Jul 7

Client Introduction

Punfun logo

Punfun, is North India's Largest Water Park and Entertainment Paradise!

Calling all adventure seekers, families, and anyone craving a day of splashtastic fun under the sun!

As North India's largest water park and entertainment destination, Punfun offers a dazzling array of attractions designed to enthrall visitors of all ages. From heart-pounding slides and refreshing pools to interactive play areas and exciting themed zones, there's something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

Bricks & Pixels is proud to have collaborated with Punfun on a truly unique project: The Journey to the Moon 3D spaceship simulation ride!

Client Requirements Analysis:

Concept: Punfun Park's "Journey to the Moon" ride lets you blast off! Stand in the center of a realistic rocket structure and feel the liftoff with movement simulation that matches the footage on the seven High resolution LED screens. Five screens in front create a panoramic view, while one on top and one on the bottom complete the immersive experience, making it feel just like a real rocket cockpit from the inside!

Goal: Design an immersive 3D spaceship simulation replicating a lunar voyage.

Target: Families & Children (astronomy & space exploration interest)

Technical Requirements:

3D Environment: 

  • Match Punfun's launch area for a seamless transition.

  • Accurately depict Earth's atmosphere (layers, weather).

  • Render vast space (stars, nebulae, galaxies).

  • Design a detailed lunar landscape (craters, mountains).

Rocket Simulation:

  • Blast off with a thrilling launch sequence (flames, thrust, G-force)!

  • Glide through the vastness of space with limited user control.

  • Witness dazzling meteor showers (sound effects) and navigate through realistic asteroid belts.

  • Marvel at a large, orbiting space station, satellites scattered throughout space, and lunar rovers exploring the moon's surface.

  • Experience lunar module detachment & descent, fiery re-entry, and a smooth landing back at Punfun.

Launch sequence for initial render

Additional Considerations:

  • Immersive audio (rocket sounds, space ambiance, narration).

  • Educational narration (atmosphere layers, space phenomena, moon).

  • Ensure a smooth and comfortable ride experience.


  • High-fidelity 3D environment assets.

  • Realistic animation sequences.

  • Integrated audio effects & narration track.

  • Optimized software for ride infrastructure.



The journey began with a collaborative planning session with the client. Understanding their vision was paramount. We created a detailed storyboard outlining the 7 key stages of the lunar adventure – from the launch from Earth to the lunar surface exploration and the dramatic return.  This storyboard served as the roadmap, ensuring the narrative flowed seamlessly and visually captivated the audience.

A Glimpse into the Future: The Power of a Demo Clip

To bring the storyboard to life, we developed a 5-minute demo clip showcasing a condensed version of the lunar expedition. This clip utilized the power of our 3D creation tool, featuring high-fidelity visuals and captivating storytelling.  

The demo served two purposes:

  • Visualizing the Client's Vision: It allowed the client to experience the potential of the final product, ensuring it aligned with their initial concept.

  • Demonstrating Our Expertise: The demo showcased our technical capabilities and creative approach, giving the client confidence in our ability to deliver a stellar final product.

Bringing Imagination to Life:

Understanding the Journey: Concept and Planning

The first step involved close collaboration with the client. We received approval on a detailed storyboard outlining the key stages of the lunar adventure, from the launch sequence to exploring the Moon's surface. This initial 5-minute segment focused on the launch process, liftoff, and ascent through Earth's atmosphere.

Building the World: Environment Design

We constructed the virtual environment using a combination of real-world data and creative artistry.

  • Rocket & Boosters: We meticulously modeled the rocket, boosters, and other essential elements within the launch chamber.

  • Earth Experience:  To create a realistic Earth experience, we utilized Cesium, a powerful tool that integrates real-world geographical data.  [Cesium: Briefly explain it as a platform for creating 3D geospatial applications.]

  • Space Environment:  For the vast expanse of space, we crafted a realistic Earth globe, Sun, and Moon within Unreal Engine. This involved creating detailed meshes, materials, atmospheric fog, and post-processing effects. Additionally, we modeled satellites and the International Space Station (ISS) – all visible from specific camera angles.

  • Lighting:  For a realistic daytime launch sequence, we utilized the "BP_Dynamic_Sky" asset from the Unreal Engine marketplace, ensuring dynamic lighting that interacted with the sun, sky, and clouds.

Bringing it to Life: Visual Effects and Animation

To create a truly immersive experience, we employed a variety of advanced techniques:

  • Particle Systems:  Unreal Engine's Niagara particle system allowed us to simulate fire, water, and smoke effects, particularly during the launch sequence.

  • Cloud Layers:  For a realistic depiction of the rocket traversing Earth's atmosphere, we leveraged Unreal's Heterogeneous Volume system, allowing for detailed cloud formations with varying densities. Atmospheric fog further enhanced the visual depth of space.

  • Space Ambiance:  To create the vastness of space, we used a custom-designed space sky HDRI (High-Dynamic-Range Image). This texture, created with the Spacescape application, provided a seamless blend of galaxies and stars.  Post-processing effects added the final touches, incorporating bloom and twinkling stars.

  • Animation:  In Unreal Engine's Sequencer tool, we defined a flight path for the rocket and attached all seven cameras to it. This ensured we captured the exact perspective from each viewpoint. The animation remained primarily linear until the rocket breached the Earth's atmosphere, where slight camera vibrations were added to simulate movement.  Detachment of the boosters after atmospheric escape was achieved through keyframe animation within the Sequencer. Particle effects were also animated using keyframes to control their visibility.

Rendering and Compiling the Experience

To achieve stunning visuals, the entire scene was rendered frame-by-frame using Unreal Engine 5's Movie Queue renderer. This resulted in a massive collection of frames – 9,000 for each of the seven cameras!  The final stage involved compiling these frames in Adobe Premiere Pro. We meticulously synchronized the timing of each camera and converted them into a cohesive video format, ready to transport viewers on their lunar adventure.

Product Delivered

Product Delivered in Two Phases:

Phase One: A Breathtaking Ascent (Initial Delivery)

The initial delivery focused on the first five minutes of the lunar adventure, crafted to establish a realistic foundation for the journey. Here's a breakdown of what we delivered:

  • Thrilling Launch Sequence: Using real-world rocket launch footage as inspiration, we employed advanced particle systems to create realistic smoke simulations, replicating the force and power of liftoff.

  • A Captivating Ascent: Journey through Earth's atmosphere, rendered in stunning detail. Witness wispy clouds and distinct atmospheric layers, making the ascent a truly captivating experience.

  • Awe-Inspiring Wonders: Marvel at the vastness of space, populated with dazzling meteoroid showers. Encounter the International Space Station, recreated in 3D, marking the end of the initial delivery sequence.

International Space Station image

Phase Two: Expanding the Adventure

The client was blown away by the demo clip's exceptional quality and immersive nature. The initial 5 minutes offered a glimpse into a truly captivating lunar adventure.  This positive response led to an exciting development.

The client wanted to add a touch of fantasy to the environment and more elements to make it more engaging for the audience. Additionally, they wanted to share this experience with a broader audience and decided to expand the project into a full virtual voyage.

There were new changes and some of them were different from the approved storyboard. We quickly understood the change drafted a new layout and tried to execute the same. This additional 7-minute sequence included:

  • Elevating the Launch Experience: To further immerse riders in the launch experience, we implemented advanced synchronization techniques. This allowed us to seamlessly integrate helicopters within the scene, precisely matching their movements to the Earth-based liftoff sequence.

  • Dynamic Elements in Space: To further immerse riders in the vastness of space, we incorporated a variety of dynamic elements. Shimmering distant galaxies, swirling nebulae, and scattered asteroid fields populate the scene, creating a breathtaking spectacle that enhances realism and adds a sense of depth and motion.

Rocket hitting the asteroids

  • Lunar Exploration : Encounter detailed 3D models of Chandrayan rover exploring the moon's surface, each animated for added realism.

Landing on the Moon Render

  • Warping Time with a Wormhole:  We introduced a segment where the spaceship utilizes a theoretical wormhole for a near-instantaneous journey back to Earth. We created a visually stunning and mind-bending experience, showcasing the possibilities of space travel beyond our current capabilities adding a twist of fantasy to the project.

A time warp Worm whole render

  • A Thrilling Return: Witness the spaceship's fiery re-entry into Earth's atmosphere, culminating in a safe and spectacular landing. With narration that fuels the curiosity about the cosmos, the simulation delivered exactly what it aimed to achieve.

A compilation Demo

To ensure the final simulation matched the client's vision perfectly, we employed a meticulous approach. We rendered all the frames of the experience into a single, high-quality video. This video served as a comprehensive reference point, allowing the client to verify the seamless flow of the simulation, the consistency of visuals across different elements (like windows displaying accurate graphics), and the overall fidelity of the experience.

One of the key challenges we faced involved synchronizing all the frames displayed across the seven individual screens within the ride. The sheer scale of the virtual environment – encompassing a realistic Earth, Moon, and vast expanse of space – presented a significant hurdle. We needed to ensure each frame on each screen remained perfectly in sync with the corresponding frames on all other screens, creating a cohesive and seamless experience for the riders.

This additional information clarifies the purpose of the high-fidelity demo and introduces the technical challenge of synchronizing frames across multiple displays within a large-scale environment. But with our accurate measurements of the screens, we were able to sync it all properly and the result was precise without any mismatching of frames.

Compilation Render

Immersion Amplified: 

The experience is further enriched by a captivating soundscape designed to amplify each scene. From the thunderous roar of the rocket to the ambient hum of space, the audio seamlessly integrates with the visuals, creating a truly immersive experience. The experience is further enriched by a captivating soundscape designed to amplify each scene. 

We researched and sourced a variety of high-quality audio elements to create a truly immersive experience.  Imagine the thunderous roar of the rocket launch sequence seamlessly blending with the ambient hum of space, perfectly complementing the visuals.  

These mixed and layered sounds create a cohesive soundscape that transports riders to the heart of a lunar adventure. Additionally, educational narration guides riders throughout the journey, providing insightful commentary on the wonders encountered in space. This combination of captivating audio and visuals creates an unforgettable experience.

Sound Composition Render


Overcoming Technical Hurdles:

  • Seamless Launch Transition: We meticulously matched the park's launch area dimensions in 3D, ensuring riders seamlessly transition from reality to virtual reality.

  • Realistic Rocket Launch: Capturing the raw power of liftoff was a challenge. Through experimentation with advanced particle systems, we achieved a stunning smoke simulation replicating the launch intensity.

  • Immersive Space Environment: Creating a believable and captivating space demands meticulous attention to detail. We meticulously integrated atmospheric layers, clouds, meteor showers, and celestial objects for a balanced and awe-inspiring experience.

  • Compelling Narration & Soundscape: Crafting an engaging narrative for diverse audiences and seamlessly blending it with the immersive soundscape (rocket sounds, narration, space ambiance) was a complex task. Through rigorous casting and audio mixing, we achieved a perfect balance.

A Learning Journey, A Remarkable Result:


These challenges fueled our passion and pushed us to innovate. The iterative process became an exciting learning experience that allowed us to refine our techniques and deliver a truly remarkable 3D space adventure.

Initially, the client requested a 5-minute teaser showcasing a glimpse of the lunar adventure. They envisioned this as a way to gauge audience interest.  However, upon seeing the exceptional quality and immersive nature of the initial footage, the client was incredibly impressed.  They decided to expand the project into a full virtual voyage, encompassing the entire journey from Earth's liftoff to lunar exploration and the thrilling return trip through a wormhole. This extended version resulted in a breathtaking 12-minute experience.

Cinematic moon view from rocket


Punfun's Journey to the Moon blasts off! Bricks & Pixels tackled every challenge, from replicating the launch area to crafting a hyper-realistic space odyssey. We embraced innovation, honed our skills, and delivered a thrilling adventure for Punfun Water Park. This project is a testament to our adaptability – we're ready for YOUR next mission!

Do you have a vision for an immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of imagination? Reach out to Bricks & Pixels today! Our team of passionate creators is eager to collaborate and bring your ideas to life. Let's launch your project to new heights!


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