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How long will it take to develop an augmented reality app?

Updated: Feb 9

Pikachu standing on the road in the Pokémon go  in front of mobile screen
Pokemon Go using AR technology

So now you have an app idea in your mind, and you think it’s going to work. If you are confident about your idea and think it will work within the target market then better test your app idea. What about those questions that arise in your mind? as while thinking of starting something new there are multiple questions that pops in mind and you need the answers as soon as possible to overcome those thoughts and questions.

The most common question that arises in the mind is “How long will it take to develop an augmented reality app?” and it’s very obvious to come up with this question in the planning phase of your app idea. A wide range of apps are hitting the wide market and yours will be one from them. Still you will need to be different from others to complete in the market.

Let me clear one thing here, You will not get an idea of the accurate time duration your augmented reality app development will take but yes, you can get the approximate time your app is going to take for completion and what factors will affect the time duration, As there are multiple factors that affect the time duration and cost of your AR VR app.

For knowing the time duration of your app development process, you should understand what factors affect the duration of your app.

Factors affecting the duration it take to develop an augmented reality app

 Augmented Reality Glass  lying on the floor
An Augmented Reality Glass


Target Audience




Do you think your app is not complex? Let me tell you it doesn't depend upon the complexity of how it looks or how you think it will look, but the complexity depends upon the complexity of calculations and codes. Sometimes, if the developers will not understand your idea properly, It could be a mess and can longer time as well. it will also play a key role in the time duration of your app. The better they will understand your idea the better they can execute it. For this purpose our team executives directly contact to client with for a detailed discussion of their ideas to get a proper understanding of the features and requirements.

Target Audience

Have you decided your target audience? Target audience is going to play a very important role in your app's success journey. If you are developing an app for a few audiences of around 2,000, then the factors you will need to consider will be less than the audience of above 5,000. On the apps for a larger audience you will need additional investments in the performance testing, tuning and architecture of your application. With the addition of these features the time duration for this app development process is also going to increase.

A fully functional and bug-free app is going to be more successful in the market than an application with bugs. That’s why our team works more on testing the application before the delivery so we can find and correct any bugs within the application.


Your idea will include multiple features for your app, the more complex features you want to add in your application the more time it’s going to take. Again, the kind and complexity of features is also a major role player in the app development process because if the features are not as complex as more time consuming features then the time could be less even with a high number of features in your application.


A person using Augmented Reality for virtually making changes
Companies using Augmented Reality

Platforms are going to play a major role in your app development process. The level of duration for your app development depends on the platform you choose to develop it. Both the platforms demand high time but still if we compare, Android takes longer time than IOS. This is not a major factor as any of the platform is going to take time for developing a fully functional application from scratch, but can be considered as a factor to know about How long will it take to develop your augmented reality app

Developer's Skill Set

This is a very important factor that’s gonna make sure how much time your application will take to complete. If the experience and skills of the developer is high then the app is going to take lesser time than a developer with no or few experience.

You will need to give some time in checking the portfolio of the team of developers you are hiring for your app development. At Bricks and Pixels we share our transparent portfolio with a list of apps we have developed for our clients so you can clearly get an idea about our work and past experiences.

Wrapping Up

The time duration for an app completion can be within 1 month or may take a longer time of 3-4 months and it completely depends on the above mentioned factors. If you need to get a proper idea of the exact time your next app idea is going to take for development then you can directly book a meeting and one of our executives will be available to answer all your questions with a simple 10-20 minute call.

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